A Law Degree for the Digital Age

To be an agile, expert law tech attorney, you need to develop the cutting-edge lawyering skills that help create and grow innovative technology businesses. This is the only program that does just that.

“The law classes are not like any law classes I’ve ever done before. They’re much more practical.”

–Jaimie Wolman, Master of Laws in Law, Technology and Entrepreneurship ’17

Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech is a revolutionary model for graduate education that fuses technology with business, law and creative thinking. Cornell Tech brings together like-minded faculty, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and lawyers, and students in a catalytic environment to produce visionary ideas grounded in significant needs that will reinvent the way we tech.

Steeped in New York City start-up culture, born out of Cornell University, Cornell Tech currently lives in Chelsea. In 2017, we’re moving uptown to Roosevelt Island and a campus custom-built for our creative, entrepreneurial, industry-immersed culture.

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